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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  September 7, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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good evening. we are going to start in richmond where there are very worried parents tonight. officials may vote this evening to close kennedy high school and two elementary schools. if kennedy closes there is more on the line than just schooling. safety could be as well. alan wang is live in richmond tonight where, alan, a marathon city council meeting goes on. >> yeah, dan. the city council chambers are packed, and the item is still up for discussion and awaiting a vote. this would be the second time the city of richmond is being asked to donate $1.5 million to keep these schools open.
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olinda and grant elementary schools are on the chopping block, but the closing of kennedy high is attracting the most concern. school officials and parents argue kennedy high school is a small learning community. test scores are up. but what is at stake is more than the loss of school. madeline croninberg says managing with different parts of town could spark more gang violence. rivalries between the north and central and south sides have been deadly. >> we have had kids gunned down at bus stops just two weeks ago down at second and mcdonald. around the corner at east shore park we saw a kid get killed who was going to school. >> school board member charles ramsey says the majority of kennedy's approximately 1,000 students would likely merge with richmond high. >> i went there for like a week and it was bad. it was like people were messing around in class and
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not just learning. >> contra costa county schools lost millions in state money this year. the city of richmond recently settled a lawsuit over the utility taxes with chevron for $114 million. some feel that money could be used to save the schools. but at least one councilmember , gnat bate had, says they have been fiscally irresponsible and says the buck stops here. >> they need to get their act together. we can no longer as a city of richland be an atm every time they have a problem and we are threatened with an attempt to close schools. >> bates was the only opposition, but before the meeting started he told me he was going to change his mind because he didn't want those students to suffer. so it is likely richmond will spend the $1.5 million to keep these three schools open for one more year. reporting live in richmond, alan wopping, abc7 news. -- alan wang, abc7 news.
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>> thank you so much. it looks like a fire bug is on the loose in sunnyvale. this is a sketch of the man police call a person of interest in a string of arsons. abc7's lisa amin gulezian is live and, lisa, it sounds like this man has been busy. >> police are hoping this man will give them the answers they need. he was seen leaving the scene of a fire. >> he looks pretty familiar. >> this sketch is now circulating throughout apartment come plekdz -- apartment complexes and duplexes in sunnyvale. police are calling him a person of interest who may be tied to 15 arsons in the area. >> they are all occurring at the same time. they are occurring in clusters and they are occurring in the same area. what's being set on fire is a combination of debris, dumpsters and a few vehicles. >> this was the most recent and most serious. the arsonist set this truck on fire last week while someone
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was sleeping inside. firefighters managed to pull the owner out. >> if you are going to set a car fire with someone in trk you need to be stopped. >> residents are worried that the fires are being set in clusters. five in may and a few more in june and more on september 1st. >> there was a car that caught fire. it burned two pine trees and two mattresses and a vehicle. >> this is a nice area to live, but now we see a lot of cops coming around. >> four full time investigators are assigned to the case. finding the arsonist before the fire is set is a priority. >> it is going by intensity and severity and trying to put a stop to this before anyone is hurt or killed. >> the man police are looking for is hispanic, 19 or 20 years old, 5 foot 8 to 5 foot 10 and he has a slender build. police say they are not ruling out the possibility that he lives in this very
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neighborhood. live in sunnyvale, lisa amin, abc7 news. >> and the search goes on there. there is developing news at los angeles interest international airport where a written bomb threat was on a t -- on a flight from thaii airways. they say the threat was written on a bathroom mirror in broken english, but there is no indication of exactly what it said. the fbi is interviewing passengers and crew members and rescreening luggage. again, a written threat found aboard a thai airways plane in l.a. and no bomb has been found. meantime, police say they are throwing rocks and setting fires at downtown l.a. the protest is over an officer who shot and killed a man with a knife on sunday afn. -- sunday afternoon. police promised a full investigation. but they say the officer acted in self-defense. no one was arrested.
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>> it was a scene of solidarity at the alameda county courthouse. half of the police force, roughly 70 officers showed up for the first court appearance of the suspected it gang member accused of shooting one of their own. andrew barrientos was arrested as he tried to escape into mexico. they say he wounded officer todd young during a task force operation. he was working undercover and he never proclaimed he was a cop. >> that's not true. i am not going to released information on the investigation, but in trial we will prove it. >> officer young is still in a drug-enduced coma and faces more surgery. barrientos did not enter a plea today. hewlett-packard is suing mark hurd from taking a job at rival oracle. oracle hired hurd.
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but hp says he cannot do his job at oracle without hp's trade secret. hurd tried a confidentially agreement in a package that could top $40 million. but despite that agreement, they say the case is not a slam dunk for hp. >> california courts are reluctant to restrict employee mobility. i don't know if a group will agree with hp's assessment. >> meanwhile, oracle's ceo criticized hp and called the lawsuit vindictive. more corporate news, it is believed to be the largest fine sought against a u.s. health insurer. state officials are seeking up to $9.9 billion in fines against pacific care. according to the los angeles times, regulators say pacific care mismanaged claims, lost thousands of patient documents and failed to pay doctors what they were owed. all told, regulators say
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pacific care, now part of united health group, violated state law one million times. they accused the health insurer of cutting costs at any means possible calling it, quote, a story of intense corporate greed. pacific care and unite united health group say the allegations are simply not true and pacific care pays its claims timely and accurately. the case is being played out in court and could be decided as early as next month. fishermen on parts of petaluma river will have to cast their lines elsewhere for the time being. they have banned fishing in the area where a tug boat leaked up to 600 gallons of fuel yesterday. this no fishing zone extends between the pay run street bridge and highway 101. the ban is pro cautionary -- precautionary. so far there is no evidence that wildlife has been harmed by this spill. if you like salmon, see if you like this. the fda is close to approving jaw inett particularly altered salmon saying it pose no's
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threat to the echo -- poses no threat to the ecosystem or humanity. this has people in a bit of a pan i can in. amy hollyfield is here. amy, this would be a first. >> there is a good chance this salmon would be the first genetically-altered animal to enter the food supply. the fda said it should be fine for people to eat, but that's not good enough for critics of genetically modified food. >> these fish are the same age. the developer of the bigger fish, aqua bounty deck nothings says genetically-engineered salmon can grow twice as fast as rm faked salmon. -- as farmed salmon. but there is growing discuss. >> it is a terrible idea. >> fishermen and chef. a variety of interest groups are coming out against genetically-modified salmon, but consumers are open to it. >> if it wasn't toxic, i would be willing to try it. >> and that is driving the need to create more, faster.
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the buyers. >> i would try it. >> the chef here knows all about the popularity of salmon. it is the restaurant's biggest seller. in the off season people constantly ask for it. >> but to use something that has been genetically altered just to put it on my menu and make someone happy, no way. >> salmon are so revered in the bay area, it is salmon month here. the biologist there is very worried about what these genetically altered fish could do to the ecosystem. >> the genes from these franken-fish could be introduced into the wild because salmon can reproduce with other species of salmon. >> the company says the fish will never mix with the mild. they will be pro us dooked inland and only sterile females will be sold. but crit techs don't trust -- critics don't trust the promise. >> it is to generate a lot of money for one company. commercial fishermen up and down the coast are in jeopardy
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of losing their livlihood. >> that company, aqua bounty, as been trying to win fda approval for years, and they are getting very close. the fda will hold public hearings on the issue. the fda's conclusion in a couple weeks. dan? >> thank you, amy. an asteroid double whammy. and the windstorm that set fires in detroit. and why you will be paying more for coffee this week. all of that is coming up, and then on "nightline." >> dan, coming up next on "nightline," we will talk to the preacher whose vow to burn qurans has set off a frenzy of protest. and calorie counts are everywhere, foot courts, airplanes and they could even airplanes and they could even come to a it's great. i t anything that i want.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to the pastor of a small evangelical church in florida says he will pray to help him decide whether to burn copies of the quran on saturday. but jones suggests he will indeed go through with setting thousands of copies of the muslim holy book on fire on the anniversary of 9/11. his plan has sparked protests and rallies around the globe.
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>> if we don't do it, when do we stop backing down? when do we stop giving into islam. >> whether we are muslims, black, blue, yellow, we are all-americans, and we need to stand together against ignorance and hate and division. >> bay area peace activist and they will hold a rally focusing on the positiveness of different religious groups. downed pow rear lines -- downed power lines by strong winds are blamed for fires that started in detroit. it scatter ited -- scattered through three neighborhoods. large parts of the area are blacked out. the understaffed fire department is stretched to the limit moving from one to the next as fast as they can. it is brutal work, but the good news is no injuries are
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reported. meantime, a raging wildfire has destroyed at least 92 buildings and homes near boulder, colorado. 3500 people have been forced to evacuate from the tinder dry canyon where the blaze broke out. colorado's governor today declared a state of emergency. the fire covers 11 square miles, and it is not con in-- contained at all. no injuries were reported. firefighters got a break when gusting winds subsided a bit. boweler's sheriff says it apparently started when a car hit a propane tank and exploded. and the cost of coffee is going up. the price of coffee reached a 13-year high at $1.90 a pound. that's a 41% increase since june. folgers and dunkin donut raised prices by 10% this week. it is due to a rough growing season for coffee beans. secretary -- expect to see what you pay for coffee going up as soon as this week. there is a double feature
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on display tomorrow in space. two asteroids will fly past earth tomorrow at a distance closer than the moon. that's a pretty close shave in space circles. the first one a 42 footer, will pass after two:00 in the morning. the second one which is 23 feet across apparently will wizz by 12 hours later. otherss have passed this close, but it is rare for two to be spotted zooming in at the same time. let's bring it back to earth. spencer christian, things are cooling down considerably. >> they are. a sharp cool down, dan, as indicated by the high temperatures here. the negative numbers are it kaing how much cooler it was today than yesterday. san rafael, concord, napa and san francisco saw high temperatures dropping 21 to 24 from yesterday's levels. and the cooling goes on. we have 56 in san francisco and 57 in half moon bay and the low 60s in most other locations. now to the highlights. we will see low clouds, fog
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and drizzle near the coast. it will be unseasonably cool tomorrow. maybe even unreasonably cool. a little warmer weather will develop at the end of the week. satellite-radar composite shows a large pool of cool air dropping southward along with the more winter-like disturbance. and as it pushes down in our direction we will see the clouds thicken. there will be fog and drizzle near the coastline overnight and into tomorrow. the showers will develop mainly to our north. we are not likely to get significant shower activity out of this, just a little mist as we get into thursday and -- wednesday and thur afternoon. overnight we will see the drizzle near the coast. the low temperatures in the low to mid50s, and then tomorrow we will see the high temperatures even lower than today's highs were. in the south bay, little patches of sun and passing clouds. high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. 67 santa clara. 68 in san jose. on the peninsula, highs in the mid60s. 67 in redwood city and palo alto.
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66 san mateo. on the coast, highs reaching into the 50s. 56 in pacifica and 58 in half moon bay. and there will be drizzle near the coastline there. in and around san francisco look for highs around 57 in the sunset district. 61 downtown. and cool numbers in the north bay as well. highs will reach only into the 60s and low 70s in the milder spots. 73 in ukiah and cloverdale. and on the coast, highs in the 50s at bodega bay and stinson beach. there will be a little more sunshine than we saw near the coast, but not much milder. high temperatures in the mid60s, 65 oakland and san leandro, 66 union city and 66 castro valley. and upper 60s to low 70s in the inland valleys. not much of an increase. 73 in brentwood and 72 antioch. monterey bay, highs in the low 60s near the bay and mid to upper 60s inland. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast -- temperatures moderate on thursday, and then a nice warm up on friday. and we will hold in that range
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friday through next tuesday. low 80s inland, low 70s around the bay and low 60s on the coast. >> pleasant weather coming our way. a little on the chilly side jie. we'll see if the moisture pans out. thanks, spencer. we just got word the richmond city council voted unanimously to pay $1.5 million to save kennedy high school and two elementary schools for one year. again, that vote was unanimous. the city council under enormous pressure from parents and educators to keep the school open. that will happen for another year. coming up, medical research that shows why good dance moves could be a sign of good health. advantage topical solution treats dogs... ( barking ) but destroys fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage, the flea specialist for gentle, but effective, flea control.
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was moving today. that's linda celeste simms. they performed in the east room after a series of workshops for children. first lady michelle obama organized the event, the first in a series.
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and research indicates, while we talk about dancing, men who dance like this are not only more attractive, but more healthy. researchers in england create they had animation of what it found to be good dancing. this is it. the good dancerses did a lot of torso, neck and head moves. and they performed better in bio chemical tests and analyzing overall health. that compared to bad dancers, the men who were twitching around and shuffling. how many weddings have you been to where this is the dance? the researchers dubbed this bad dancing. my kids would say the same thing. theed from -- the fred estaire of sport is here. >> the giants have their ace back, just in the nick of time. one of us up here knows how to moon walk. i will tell you that. after a rough august, timmy dominates in september. giants keeping the heat on
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with 24 games left in the regular season, it is a spript to the finish for the giants and how nice to have tim lincecum looking like the timmy of old. aubrey huff working himself out of a slump. that is crushed. a moon shot. his 23rd of the year. and the early 2-0 lead for the giants. timmy with 11 strikeouts and resistance is futile. lincecum allowed one hit through six innings. it was the best stuff he has had in four months. that is power to the opposite field, his fourth of the year and a surprise. that's caught by a giants fan and his friend in the cape which bears explaining. pat "the bat" burrell and the
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giants teeing off to make it 6-0. 6-3 the final. lynn saw lincecum with the win and the giants back one of the padres who beat the dodgers. and a bloop single to braye done and ichiro down the line. it is 4-0m's. broken bat and a little sawed off right there. he pegs braydon for five runs. in the third, this is not gum, this is annihilated. adam moore, and look at the lady right there. 2* bounced right to her. a's fall 7-5. you never get a second chance to make a first impression and that is okay are to keenan alan. his first i'm -- impression as a college football player was spectacular. a freshman out of north carolina, cuts on a dime and scored one rushing td and a receiving touchdown. he ran away from everybody. think of a better -- bigger
11:31 pm
verbs of deshawn jackson. >> it was exciting. i felt i made a couple plays. i helped a lot and did pretty good. >> not really surprised. everybody said they saw it in camp. you can tell how fluid an athlete he is with the ball. >> keenan alan was a bad man. a month ago tiger woods was an iffy choice for the ryder cup, but he was picked today. it is coming up next month in whales. he said woods' recent solid play made it an easy decision. venus in the hot pink. she is looking good for somebody who hasn't played in a couple months. match point is long from the italian. 7-6, 6-4 and the three seed venus will take on kim clijsters. on on the men's side and he sprints from the baseline all the way to the net and then it
11:32 pm
completes a rally from two set down. 7-6 in the fifth. that's the good news. the bad news is he has to play nadal next, and he is 0 and 10 lifetime against nadal. >> there is a buzz saw coming right at him. that's what is happening. "nightline" is next. i'm dan ashley. thank you for watching, appreciate your time and hope to see you again tomorrow. you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. i care about youfiber too. i have for while.
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